I am currently rather busy, so when I read this great article about a weekend in Paris I decided to repost it … I hope you like it as much as I did!

The Unwitting Traveller

When you think of Paris – what images spring to your mind?

I’ll not hesitate to guess that the grand structures such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Louvre and Versailles are first to pop into your head. Yes? No?

My sister and I went for a weekend – arriving at lunchtime on the Eurostar and departing the following Monday morning.  Our mission was to see as much as we could.  Call it culture cramming.

My sister thought it would be a cunning plan to get the Paris Pass for the two full days that we were there.  It’s a great concept – giving you free entry (and you get to skip huge queues whilst you are at it) to over 60 museums, art galleries and historic monuments.  Trouble is there is no way on this green earth that you can see everything in Paris…

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nice night for over.be

Sunday night is the highlight of the poker week, and over.be from Lithuania hit some especially nice results.
After going down to 4 players he and his three contestants wanted to discuss a deal, but as a hand was already dealt, which ended in the elemination of marroca. Afterwards the three left, agreed to an almost even deal, giving over.be and Rob.Curl $100.209,43 . crochepif managed to get $115.000 and then took the tournament down, for an additional 10k.
But over.be´s night was not yet over – he was still looking good in the Sunday million and for some time it looked like he might achieve a double Final Table in both majors at PokerStars. But it was not meant to be and he finished in 13th position, cashing about 9k. This night trippled over.be´s complete winnings at pokerstars – from approx. 50k to 150k.

That´s what I call a nice night!

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Shaun Deeb Retirements

The King of MTT grinders apparently decided to quit tournament poker for good. Shaun Deeb yesterday posted on twoplustwo that he´ll quit tournament poker – read here

He stated that he is burnt out and cannot go on – if you check his current stats on officialpokerrankings.com you might see, that Shaun is Number 2 (of 1,580,735) in the pokerstars mtt ranking for 2009 – but he is only like 390,000 something within the last 120 days. This guy put it in unbelievable volume of play (there is no player i sat at the table with in mtts as much in 2o09, and i sat at his table a lot – to be honest i cannot remember a lot of players i recognize sitting with more than once this year).

I hope whatever Shaun does at the moment makes him happy and I expect him back at the tables in 2010?

Or does anyone really believes he left for good?

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Hyper, hyper

For people playing Poker on a tight time-budget Pokerstars has been offering ultrafast qualifiers for a lot of tournaments for some months now. On first sight, these look like these are pure luck – but some players prove that it is very profitable to play this ultra-fast sitngos (500 starting chips, 3 minute blind level).

Most of them are 6 player sitngos, with two packages + 1 player who breaks even…

To point out how you can probably beat this games – and what kind of bankroll you need you might wanna check this link – Jorj95 – who is omnipresent in these typ of games answered a lot of questions regarding this games on twoplustwo – click here!

Before page 24 (yes it is a very long thread) he mainly answers questions about his “regular” sitngo-activity (he plays around 25 – 30 at once) especially on steps 5 and 6, but afterwards he gives some wonderful insights into a hyperturbo-grinder´s mind. Basically he believes that it is a way to cut short the first 20 minutes of a proper turbo-sitngo – so it is essential to have a flawless push-fold strategy.

By the way – beneath playing like 20+ tables Jorj95 likes to chat – so if you ever try and happen to sit at his tables, you might wanna talk to him.

So – ever tried one, or even a regular – send me your experience.

My personal experienced is told in one sentence – tried it, liked it, but the swings are way above my bankroll, so i try to avoid them!


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EPT goes Skiing – in Austria

Pokerstars announced the second part of EPT Season 6 on November 4th and the European Poker Tour will come back to Austria. This time they decided to make this far more attractive by coming into one of Austrias best skiing resorts.

Between March 21st and 26th the “EPT SnowFest” will be held at Alpine Palace in Saalbach Hinterglemm. Stars will also add skipasses and everything you need for skiing to the package.

Buy in is €3.750 – and with a cap of 500 players this might fill rather fast. Furthermore the field might get quite strong for an EPT-Event with a smaller buy in, as a lot of the young poker hot guns are already talking about putting skiing and poker together – check this thread on twoplustwo for that discussion: Thread about SnowFest on Two+Two

I am really looking forward to this – i probably won´t play by myself, but as I have friends in the area, i might just drop by and check the skiing skills of the pokerpros.

Check out the EuropeanPokerTour and Alpine Palace Homkepage for more information.

If you need any additional information about Austria, booking plattforms for Hotels in Austria or want to meet up for a skiing day – just drop an e-mail.

I´ll update on this topic as soon as the first qualifiers are running …

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Back again

Time to move on … this blog ceased to exist a long time ago, but i am still playing poker. Furthermore I am still very involved in Forum Activity and have generally not lost touch to the poker community. This is where i want to pick up and present this whole blog with a new direction.

Technically I´ll move to wordpress.org and will restart http://www.elcattivo.com – this gives me more freedom – my marketing links got inactivated by wordpress and, although I´ll never earn a lot of money with this blog it still gives me the opportunity to promote rooms I like and if I manage to get some good deals (i still got some gaming business contacts) I might be able to offer them to my readers.

In the past months i started to read blogs on a very frequent basis again and this made me turn back to this little project.

Content will change: I will stop posting bad beats, brags or bankrolling stuff – as it is what you read on 80% of all poker blogs and its getting very boring unless the blogger is on a fast way up, very funny or has other important insights. I´ll switch to other topics – the poker “world” – what happens on other blogs, what are the topics in the big forums, etc. I guess you get the point.

If anyone is still checking in or stumbles upon this new post – give me a heads up. I´ll check my links in the next days and will delete other deserted blogs in my bloglist, but am very keen to add new ones to my bloglist.

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Royal Start – but no results

Yesterday I played the 50k guaranteed once again and I managed to hit a royal flush within the first 10 hands + doubled up with that hand!

Unfortunately I did not use my early big stack very well and I just never managed to take off  – in the end i went out after about 2 hours without getting close to the money positions.

I feel like early leads corrupt my play – I really have to use my chiplead way better than I do it in that stage. I am generally better in the later stage of the tournaments – I am more concentrated then and just do not donk off my chips that easily.

I guess I found another thing to work on …

SitnGos are going okay at the moment – but the $12 180s just do not work momentarily … I´ll go for 250 and let you know the results afterwards.


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