Why bankrolling?

Whenever you start a blog you have to think about a proper name for it … i decided that bankrolling would be appropriate, as I am starting a whole new approach to poker right now … I am going to track my bankrolls very carefully and then I´ll stop playing over my bankroll! I might take a shot once in a while, but that´s about it …

My new bankroll rules are somehow based on Chris Fergusons Bank Roll Challenge which he did on Full Tilt – but I guess I will adapt them by time to fit my needs better.

a) never play a cash game or single table tournament with more than 5% of my bankroll – I´ll leave every cash game when the money on my table represents more than 10% of my roll

b ) never play a MTT with more than 2,5% of my bankroll (on some rooms you cannot sign out when qualified for bigger tournaments, so I`ll take that shots)

c) I´ll add $100 every month to my bankroll (every 20th) to start with (I can easily afford that and that should boost my roll)

d) rakeback and bonuses stay in the roll to start with

At some point I´ll have to think about what to do, when my roll hits some high mark – but for now I am just happy with what I have and won´t withdraw!

Sorry – I am going to use this blog as a marketing tool, too – by joining some affiliate programms… I plan to do this with the rooms I currently use and I believe can be trusted. If I leave a room for some reason or do not like it too much it does not get into my affiliate portfolio. My plans are to start with ladbrokes, pokerheaven, fulltilt and pokerstars (they get most of my action)… I also have some money on interpoker, intertops and mansion.

I am not sure what to do with that money in regard to my bankroll – but I have already two players at pokerheaven and it does not seem that easy to really earn money being an affiliate (esp. because I am a rakeback affiliate there) … so whenever the money from this gets interesting I´ll blog if I use it to add to my roll or not!

First step now is to get my roll counted and put it into some programm to keep track of it … I have been using pokerdominator.com for some time and really like it … so this is what I´d recommend.

Day 1: Bankroll: $639,59

spread over several rooms … 4 rooms got more than $100 + some with just change

According to the rules that means that I can sit with

– $30 at cash games or STT

-$15 at MTTs

I´ll have some rooms with change – so I´ll do some hero or zero games there, or leave them to add money at September 20 (when I´ll firstly add $100)

… now the fun starts


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3 responses to “Why bankrolling?

  1. Sounds like good solid advice . Good luck and I hope you do well .

  2. 5280pipedream

    Sounds interesting. Have you considered HU SNG’s?

  3. elcattivo

    not really – I played some the last days, and treated them like normal sitngos, but I guess they are far to swinging to be treated like that – any recommendations?

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