A day out

After starting my blog yesterday I just played one SitnGo (bubbled it) and then had a nice hike with a friend of mine – Now I´ve got blisters on both feet, but it was definitley worth it. In the evening my sister and her boyfriend visited us, so we had a nice night out …

I guess Poker won´t be the main issue over the weekend – but in the next weeks I´ll try to get some games running, thus providing you with all the poker updates you are waiting for (?)

BR: 617,59
change: -22

P.S.: Party sent $30 for free to me – I´ll add that to my bankroll in the next days … Never liked their software, but $30 are a nice offering! Read this to see how party cheats you:

Read here

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  1. I know that guy with a card hidden up his sleeve. I’ve spotted him a number of times in various rooms that cheating prick!

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