Back to housemoving

Well – I really thought house moving was done for some time, but the friend at whos place I live while being in Salzburg is moving places and as I am an experienced packer and electrician (at least more experienced as him) – I am back in house moving business again.

In the evening will play some donkaments though (especially the Cruise League Week 16 one) – so Poker is still on the agenda at the moment … I´ll guess I`ll take a break when I am back in Vorarlberg! This colides with the start of September anyway – so I´ll let the rake back rooms send me some money, before I start the grind again.

 The only thing that really bothers me is, that I do not find the time to send out my applications at the moment – but I´ll work on that tomorrow or probably tonight …

 Keep your fingers crossed – need a success jobwise (pokerwise would be okay, too)

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  1. You should stop sending applications and turn into a professional poker player instead. I could be your manager and we split the profits 50/50 😉

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