Traveled to Salzburg tonight, to meet some people, talk some business and do some work … I stay at a friends house and we decided to play some poker – which resulted in a longer night session. At the moment I enter my results into my bankroll-tracker and I guess I am about even …

This is due to some late SitnGo Wins – I really do ok at fulltilt in the SitnGos at the moment, but I cannot make any money in MTTs – hope SitnGos stay as they are, but the Multis develop a little …

Cheers and goodnight – figures follow later …

-decided to check them right now

Day 5:

Bankroll: 820.78

Changes: -10.7

well – not a winnig day, but it`s okay anyway – when I calculate how much I made in bonus money (freeplaying my fulltilt bonus) I am even slightly green

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  1. You better get your act together and win some cash otherwise someone at home will kick your ass…

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