Starting days …

Just checked the stats of this blog and I found it pretty interesting, that I only got very little hits over the weekend, but a lot before and after it …

This blog just started, so all this figures do not really mean anything yet, but I´ll have a look at this in the next weeks.

Just discovered that one blog I enjoyed to read, Simon Youngs Suffolk Punch Poker (one of the many great blogs on I am linking to on the right handed side) will stop updating due to a new job – good luck Simon, I really enjoyed reading about the Hairy Gymnast …

 Did not play too much poker yesterday – and lost some money – but I did not feel to well and had to play due to my cruise league team

Day 6:

Bankroll: 757.89

Change: -62.89


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6 responses to “Starting days …

  1. You better get your ass back to Feldkirch or you’ll lose your entire bankroll. Obviously your visit to Salzburg hasn’t been too fruitful so far. Btw, you’re posting as if there was no tomorrow…

  2. Mel

    Hey IlBrutto, don’t be too harsh on ElCattivo. He hasn’t lost that much and don’t forget that he’s ripping off his ex-employer right now so he definitely won’t come back with his pockets empty 😉

  3. elcattivo

    ok – that´s it … I´ll write about you next time … now your even forcing your gf to blog and insult me …

    Headsup for bankrollz

  4. Hey, calm down buddy. It appears to me that she’s actually on your side…

  5. Hey man, there’s always the same guy commenting on your articles. That’s suspicious…

  6. dude, we’re all waiting for your next article…

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