Anger managment!

I am staying at a friends house at the moment and what I do really enjoy is the chance to watch someone playing good poker … we have both our strenghts and our weaknesses and its very interesting to watch another player in different situations. In one thing we are completely different

in treating the beats

I hate bad beats, like everyone else does, but I also accept them as a vital part of the game, as bad beats normally show you that you played correctly and the Villain made something wrong … in a cash game you have the chance to get your money back, in a tournament a bad call by an opponent often costs you your life, but I still know that it was beyond my control and I did everything wright. Losing one coinflip after the other on the other hand is really frustrating, as you got noone to blame – but this is all part of the “Variance is a b*tch” thing.

When I am treated to a bad beat or lose several coinflips in a road it hurts – but I normally keep this feelings inside … I am a maniac in the way I play, not in my beats … (although if my gf looks at me, with wide open eyes that say “Why did you call that” – i am sometimes really, really angry inside – and go to bad mood mode in seconds … but these are the self indused beats)

In-D is different – he plays with a more mathematical and analytical approach than me, but he hates this bad beats from the bottom of this heart … yesterday he almost scared me to death – when he hammered his fists onto the table just inches away from me and screamed like a total loonie … do not get me wrong, this happens a lot of times, but last night I was concentrating on my games and did not see it coming. Another things he does is “predicting” the beats – all in with AA vs QQ: “Watch now – a Q will fall” and there it comes …. “Donkey, Donkey – can you believe it – every f***ing time”

Sometimes its hard not to giggle – because it would be really funny if the money was not involved … I know that he was on the other side of bad beats, too – we all were. And that ,although he has no big results at the moment, it is just a matter of time – because he is more than good enough.

 So In-D – take some deep breath, make a note on the donkey and remember “What comes around goes around”

 Interesting read on this topic: Snoopy from Blonde on the Bad Beat Wolf

+ that´s what I call a bad beat


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2 responses to “Anger managment!

  1. Dude, what kind of problems do you have, seriously…

  2. doublemeup

    My neighbours got a fright the other night as I screamed “You f****ing donkey !!” when the villain called my all-in on the turn as a 4-1 underdog and hit his flush on the river to crack my pocket Aces…..

    In cash games, the best reaction is to type “NH SIR” in the chatbox, reload and hope he stays at the table 😉

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