Variance is a b*tch!

Had a nice encounter with short term variance last night – I was waiting to help my friend move and finally he told me that he was busy doing stuff in his new flat and that I won´t have to help … so I hit the internet and read some stuff before I could no longer resist and started to play.

 I did one Rebuy-MTT on Party which was a rollercoaster ride in the first hour and did run very well after that – but I went out with 20 places to go to the money, mainly because I tried to push too hard in bad positions – I definitley have to work on my MTT-Timing!

On Full Tilt I played a couple of $24 Full Ring SitnGos – and I lost everything, every coinflip – all. When I wanted to end the session I loaded two more games, because I was reaching another $20 bonus release point – one 9-person sitngo and one heads up SitnGo – and won them both … I kept playing and won two more! – Yay!!! Bubbled one after that and lost another one after that – so I finished my session then …

 So my bankroll looks very healthy again, instead of getting crushed back to the start … I have excellent sitgno results at the moment – I win 70% of the times when I make the money!!!

 Day 7:

Bankroll: 867.59

Change: +109.7

I could afford to move to the $33 Sitngos – but feel quite good where I am right now … so I´ll stay on that level for some more time

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  1. Now we’re talking! Please remember, you wouldn’t be where you are without me putting pressure on you. Hand over 50% of the profit.

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