Lol – I ruled a freeroll

After coming home yesterday I chatted with IlBrutto, the master of spamcomments, and he told me that he was planning to play the $100 Freeroll on Stars (for Austrians only) … I decided to join in, to watch him and look for leaks in his game (there are so many).

Well – after an hour I was so up and ahead – it was unbelievable – I put my hands all in ahead and not one suck out occured … But it was hard, terrible poker and I started to get bored … In the third hour some absolute noobs sat at my table and their talk was just terrible “Offline that won´t happen” – “offline people play much better” “If I am a donkey, why do I have more chips than you” “why do you raise and then fold to a reraise?” “raising is a bad thing – I´ll rather take the passive approach” … I started to tilt because I recognised that my IQ started to drop … Managed to get all in against the biggest donk (who was slightly ahead in chips) and got a third caller which worried me … I had AK, donk AQ, third caller AK – obv. the donk hit his Q. I gg all and off I was, 35 cent richer! I´ll never play one of this again ($100 for 1000 people makes it such a waste of time)

Unfortunately on Full Tilt I could not win any of my races … and lost 5 sitngos while freerolling somewhere else + bubbled a qualifier for the 750k.

Day 9:

Bankroll: 739.14

Change (to day 7): -128.45

I am still swinging between $700 – $850 … put I am not playing too much at the moment

I´ll play a short session now, and then will have a break till Sunday Evening … next week I´ll try to put some Volume into my sitngos, to get a more stable trend


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2 responses to “Lol – I ruled a freeroll

  1. There ain’t any leaks in my game you donkey!

  2. Sounds like you two know each other…lol

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