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Back to housemoving

Well – I really thought house moving was done for some time, but the friend at whos place I live while being in Salzburg is moving places and as I am an experienced packer and electrician (at least more experienced as him) – I am back in house moving business again.

In the evening will play some donkaments though (especially the Cruise League Week 16 one) – so Poker is still on the agenda at the moment … I´ll guess I`ll take a break when I am back in Vorarlberg! This colides with the start of September anyway – so I´ll let the rake back rooms send me some money, before I start the grind again.

 The only thing that really bothers me is, that I do not find the time to send out my applications at the moment – but I´ll work on that tomorrow or probably tonight …

 Keep your fingers crossed – need a success jobwise (pokerwise would be okay, too)

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Traveled to Salzburg tonight, to meet some people, talk some business and do some work … I stay at a friends house and we decided to play some poker – which resulted in a longer night session. At the moment I enter my results into my bankroll-tracker and I guess I am about even …

This is due to some late SitnGo Wins – I really do ok at fulltilt in the SitnGos at the moment, but I cannot make any money in MTTs – hope SitnGos stay as they are, but the Multis develop a little …

Cheers and goodnight – figures follow later …

-decided to check them right now

Day 5:

Bankroll: 820.78

Changes: -10.7

well – not a winnig day, but it`s okay anyway – when I calculate how much I made in bonus money (freeplaying my fulltilt bonus) I am even slightly green

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NHL – not yet

I qualified for the weekly NHL VIP Experience tournament before I started this blog and played this in the last hour … Unfortunately I could not make it into the top 11 out of a 55 person field, which would have qualified me for the big Final … the standard of play was not really great and I feel somehow disappointed …

It´s weekend and I did not play too much today – but had a small SitnGo Session last night, which was okay! Tomorrow I´ll travel to Salzburg to meet some old colleagues and have a meeting about a internet project I might get involved in … I´ll play some games tomorrow night at a friends place – and we´ll talk about poker the whole week, so I am really looking forward to this.

Day 4:

Bankroll: 831.48

Change: +16,98

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Nice lunch session

I guess I won´t play until Saturday evening (I am already qualified for microgamings NHL Experience Weekly Final) – therefore I´ll update on todays session right now …

Had a very good Session, playing 5 SitnGos, cashing in all of them

Won one, got second in another (all Full Ring) and won three Heads Ups!

Day 3:

Bankroll: 814.15

Change: +196.56

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A day out

After starting my blog yesterday I just played one SitnGo (bubbled it) and then had a nice hike with a friend of mine – Now I´ve got blisters on both feet, but it was definitley worth it. In the evening my sister and her boyfriend visited us, so we had a nice night out …

I guess Poker won´t be the main issue over the weekend – but in the next weeks I´ll try to get some games running, thus providing you with all the poker updates you are waiting for (?)

BR: 617,59
change: -22

P.S.: Party sent $30 for free to me – I´ll add that to my bankroll in the next days … Never liked their software, but $30 are a nice offering! Read this to see how party cheats you:

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