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Swinging …

I hate cash games … had a terrible session last week (wrote about that) only to win it all back in the last days and then I blow 200 again tonight. I was not really playing bad, neither good – I should have stopped earlier, but I was hoping that the cards may come … only to lose with KK (overplaying top-pair, when I finally had a nice hand)

Played a nice home game on friday – I broke even but my gf was the big winner of the night. We  had a lot of fun, talking about old times, football, poker and life in general! Then I visited a birthday party yesterday – so I was really busy meeting friends this weekend.

Day 38

Bankroll:  959.25

Change to last entry: +49.85

I am expecting about $120 rake back this month … plus I´ll get a $90 Bonus in the last days, which I freeplayed, so my bankroll should hit the 1k mark again, even if I do not play until the end of next week!

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Terrible session

I had a nice evening yesterday and a really terrible session tonite – dropped $380 at the cash tables today and in the first 4 all in situations I was always ahead, and lost on the turn or river … it was incredible … AA lost to Q8, QQ to KQ etc.

In my last two games I was not even tilting, but a Bluff with second pair, second to top kicker was called by second pair/top kicker … and then I tilted another buy in.

I was feeling quite ok, as I resisted from playing stupid and tilt away my money (I only did this on my last table, where I was down after another bad beat) …

Some nights are just not for winning – but its pretty harsh to drop to $900, when you should raise to $1600 or something!

Day 35:

Bankroll: $909.4

Change: -334.6

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Busy days … and FH over FH

Work is very busy at the moment but I managed to put in two table hours this evening …  I was running really good at Full Tilt playing the Cash game, until I flopped my set of 88 on a 10 8 6 flop – turn brought another 6 and I checkraised the Villain, who was playing very aggressively All In … unfortunately he held 10 10 … I played some SitnGos, too, where I broke even … (one win in four games). So – a losing day today, but nothing to be really angry about. You can´t let this hand go – and the sitngos were okay (I lost in one due to a terrible misread, but I was not too angry about that)

Day 33:

Bankroll: $1244

Change: -$37

I have not played live for some time, but on friday I´ll meet some friends for a friendly home game … I hope they have deep pockets, as my confidence is alright at the moment and they lack the experience I have … so ship me their €5 entry fee 😉

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Almost …

Mixed Emotions today – had a terrible start, when I lost two buy ins at PKR, due to bad play on my side … won something back afterwards, but it was my first losing session there for some time. In the evening I tried to win Cruise League Tickets for my team through the backdoor, but although I was ahead of the field very fast (my AA won against Villains KK) I could not score. I lost most of my chips about an hour later, when another villain hit his straight on the river … Meanwhile I was playing at Full Tilt and there I really had a nice result … I managed to finish 12 in the 17.5k guaranteed … I am a little bit disappointed, because going out so near to the FT is always harsh, but I believe I played well (although I sucked out terrible once) and therefore am happy with my result.

Day 31:

Bankroll: $1281

Change: +121.39

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Lazy Saturday

been at a party yesterday and had a terrible hangover today, as I stayed very long, because the party was excellent and I met a lot of friends there, which resulted in drinking too much!

As I cannot play to much poker during the week I played two sessions today and I won some money, too …  I´ll have to play the Cruise League Second Chance tomorrow – the Captains of the 24 teams who finished the league behind the winners play in a freeroll for a package for their whole team… a trip to the Caribean in January would be great, so gl to me!

Day 30:

Bankroll: 1159.61

Change:  +68.05

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