Cooler at the end of the month

Well – let´s face the facts, I am bubbling to many sitngos at the moment, which resulted in a downsing, which put me back to the starting bankroll … I´ll get some rake back today, so I should be ahead for the month, but still I hoped for something more, especially after a nice start. I am going to analyze my last games to find out why I bubbled so many – I felt quite good in all the games and I lost a lot of coin flips, but maybe that´s just the way I feel, and the hard facts show someting else. I wish everyone a succesful September …

Day 10:

Bankroll: 624.79

Change: -109.4

Change to start of blog: +7.2

I´ll get some money from rakeback deals, so it should get a little bit friendlier

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One response to “Cooler at the end of the month

  1. You get carried away with your applications, that’s the reason. You should concentrate on Poker. Turn professional and avoid being a slave.

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