Huge Downswing

Well … the weekend was very nice concerning other issues – but my bankroll suffered … played a longish session on Saturday and I had a terrible run – lost 10 9-table sitngos in a row and therefore took a big hit in my bankroll … later on I started to play break even and finally called it a day. I moved down levels and started a longer analyzing session. I believe I found one major leak in my early to mid-stage game – the “bubble” results are just variance things (I believe) – you cannot change the fact, that you get outdrawn sometimes in poker, and I got outdrawn plenty of times.

Had a short session Sunday evening, which was way better – so I try to gain some confidence and money on the lower level and then will come back. Because I play a lot of MTTs, too my bankroll will always be swingy – but a 10 or more losses in a row streak in sitngos is very unusal for me, so I hope this won´t happen again for some time.

Rakeback is not in my roll yet, due to the weekend:

 Day: 12

Bankroll:  426.49

Change: -198.3 (ouch)

so … I can play (according to rules) $20 SitnGos & Cash Game – $10 MTTs

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  1. What can I say? I just wanna see some profit at the end of the week or you had your last espresso at my place…

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