Nice weekend

Other than poker the weekend was really nice … we had some friends at our place on Saturday evening (including famous commenter IlBrutto) and prepared some Indian cuisine … this remembered me, why moving back to my origins was the right decision. I should get an invitation to another interesting job, too, so I guess I´ll be settled quite soon. On Sunday we made some hike up on swiss mountains, to train for next weeks “big event” … Unfortunately it was very cloudy, as the peak we reached at the end would offer great views on four countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany, probably even Italy) – but it was nice anyway. Afterwards we managed to get our new dishwasher started – so, yay, no more dishwashing for me …

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  1. That food was damn good. But c’mon, you just posted this comment so that no one would notice the one posted seconds before. Yes, the one that talks about your huge losses. Your deceiving techniques won’t work with me…

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