When times get tough …

… the tough get going!

Poker does not run to well – but I took some time and analyze and I believe that my moves are positiv EV! So I guess its just about hanging in and wait until this moves pay off!

Laddies Poker Cruise looks bad, as we missed to get points on our sheet yesterday – I´ll have to check what the other teams did, but I guess the “second chance” will be our chance …

This mornings session was better – and I could win some money – but the figures are still not nice

Day 13 (with parts of day 14)

Bankroll:  $468.42

change: +$41.93

was down more (under 400) – but managed a turn around this morning …


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2 responses to “When times get tough …

  1. I don’t really know what to write this time but commenting on your blog has somehow become a habit which means I feel obliged to at least post something…

  2. In-D

    So there are at least two frequent readers of this blog. I am curious to see where his poker-journey will lead. Hopefully somewhere in the 4 or 5 digits 😉

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