I can´t believe it

… just bubbled a tournament I qualified for – buy in was $75 and I would have won $142 at least for reaching position 24 … with 25 players left, the game slowed down and all short stacks managed to double up. I was very card dead and then got 66 in dealer position. I pushed all in and got an instacall by the small blind (I had about 10k chips, he had 50k) … he showed AQ … flop 99J, turn 2, river J … gg me

I am so depressed as this just reflects the whole day – do not even want to post my Bankroll, as it took a hit, too. Can´t win anything 😦

I still believe my game is ok – and I just do not know what to change … but maybe my game is just as crappy as my results …

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One response to “I can´t believe it

  1. I don’t think it was very clever to go all-in being so close to a place in the money. Ask Dr. M. to give you a treat, that will make you happy…

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