Come on England (part II)

Ok … did not play too much poker today – but the overall the session was ok. Am just about to leave my flat to visit a friend to watch England play Russia – another victory would be very important, as they are still with their backs to the wall …

Day 21:

Bankroll: 797.62

Change: +50.4

was ahead a lot more, but I was on a unbelievable run at that time – but I´ll take a $50 day anytime!


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3 responses to “Come on England (part II)

  1. Last chance to win some cash! Next week you’ll re-enter the ‘real’ world…

  2. what do you mean by the session was long . how many hrs you ppl played .?

  3. elcattivo

    I call all session that take more than two hours long … my average sessions take about two hours, so everything that is longer is unusual! MTTs differ from that, but if I go deep in a MTT i normally stop playing anything else to concentrate on the later stage of this tourneys …

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