The future of Poker?

Hi … I tried a new room this days and I am more than impressed – I therefore put PKR into the slot of Ladbrokes, as I do not play there too much anymore and I cannot advertise it anymore as its getting worse and worse.

But PKR is great – I never downloaded it, as I believed, that it would not run on my low end machine and that it won´t be nice to play. Now I gave it a try, because I wanted to play some cash game and I do not multitable Cash Games anyway! The software looks “WOW” and the players are, well, terrible … I guess this is the room people want to play at if they only play for fun, once or twice a week – which is good for players with more experience. I am going to tell about pkr mainly to friends who just start playing … this looks and feels way more than live poker as anything else + newbies normaly do not multitable anyway. So if you are new to online poker, want to have a nice poker experience and try to avoid the shark pools at stars or fulltilt you have to give pkr a try …

I had two nice sessions there – I added $50 to my bankroll to sign up … and turned it into $110 in one hour … then I decided to forget my strict bankroll rules for once and played some 0.5 – 1 with a roll of 100 … had it at almost 200 when I blew half of it (set over set) … but I recovered a little bit and now got a healthy $150 roll at pkr. Will use the room as my “cash game” ressource for the moment!

Day 22:

Bankroll: 851.83

Change: +54.21 ($50 added – remember I´ll add up to $50 per month)

Will have a longish session this evening as my gf is not around … so hopefully I´ll get some more money on my account!


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5 responses to “The future of Poker?

  1. That’s a nice and fresh design! Haven’t yet played on PKR but I’ll certainly check it out soon…

  2. rgc2005

    Have you tried Carbon Poker yet? Freeroll heaven

  3. i think an encouraging work . nicely done !

  4. Hi,

    Might have to check this out, do they have any big action?

    What is the traffic and security like?

    The Dean

  5. elcattivo

    Hi “The Dean”

    Unfortunately they do not have big action there … the highest tables they offer are 5/10 and there biggest regular tournament has a 15k guarantee! This room is definitely dedicated to small players, who only play casually …
    The nice thing about this is, that the sea is full of fish and only few sharks are in the pkr oceans!

    At the moment there are 7500 players online and playing at 949 active tables.
    Security looks ok to me – I did not spot anything dodgy so far …

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