Broke the 1k wall!

… and I not only passed the magic $1000 mark – I got much further … played for about 6 hours yesterday and won a lot of money on PKR plus some nice money on Full Tilt. The good thing is, that I ran through stretches where I was card dead and I got my share of bad beats, but I managed to recover from every hit and push my bankroll up, anyway. I had one guy on my table who was tilting so hard, that I really felt sorry for him, but I “only” took $60 from him (he was losing 100s), because I had to leave the table, due to my rules + I had an appointment. The rest of the money was one in grinding, waiting for mistakes of others and punishing this mistakes!

Additionally I managed to freeplay the $50 “free Bonus” by PKR in one day, playing NL50 and NL100 (you´ll need 6000 FPPs to do so, which translates in about $60 rake) … this was added to the roll, too!

Day 23:

Bankroll: $1,158.28

Change: +306.45

I won´t play today, as I have some friends visiting … but I might put in one session tomorrow evening … so I hope the upswing is not only temporarily!

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One response to “Broke the 1k wall!

  1. Congrats on breaking the 1k wall. But hey, that’s what I expected you to do, remember? The more you win the more I get the impression that without me putting pressure on you, there wouldn’t be any gains at all. I wanna see my share of the cake 😉

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