Almost …

Mixed Emotions today – had a terrible start, when I lost two buy ins at PKR, due to bad play on my side … won something back afterwards, but it was my first losing session there for some time. In the evening I tried to win Cruise League Tickets for my team through the backdoor, but although I was ahead of the field very fast (my AA won against Villains KK) I could not score. I lost most of my chips about an hour later, when another villain hit his straight on the river … Meanwhile I was playing at Full Tilt and there I really had a nice result … I managed to finish 12 in the 17.5k guaranteed … I am a little bit disappointed, because going out so near to the FT is always harsh, but I believe I played well (although I sucked out terrible once) and therefore am happy with my result.

Day 31:

Bankroll: $1281

Change: +121.39

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