Terrible session

I had a nice evening yesterday and a really terrible session tonite – dropped $380 at the cash tables today and in the first 4 all in situations I was always ahead, and lost on the turn or river … it was incredible … AA lost to Q8, QQ to KQ etc.

In my last two games I was not even tilting, but a Bluff with second pair, second to top kicker was called by second pair/top kicker … and then I tilted another buy in.

I was feeling quite ok, as I resisted from playing stupid and tilt away my money (I only did this on my last table, where I was down after another bad beat) …

Some nights are just not for winning – but its pretty harsh to drop to $900, when you should raise to $1600 or something!

Day 35:

Bankroll: $909.4

Change: -334.6

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One response to “Terrible session

  1. Wow, sorry to hear that, you weren’t the only one having a bad session last night. I dropped 4 buyins at 25NL.

    Same deal, I had QQ at one table 4 times, and all 4 lost, which contributed big time to my downswing. I made up a little of the money doing Sngs afterwards.

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