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First day at work …

and last day of the Cruise League …

Work was ok – did a lot of reading to get into my new work environment – the colleagues look ok and I guess it will be fun to work there …

Cruise League ended in the last hand before the break – played pretty bad today – lost some money on full tilt, too. I guess I´ll have to play the playoff in the coming weeks – hope that runs better!

Day 25:

Bankroll: 1017.31

Change: -140.97

Hopefully I run better next times – was really terrible tonight …

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Broke the 1k wall!

… and I not only passed the magic $1000 mark – I got much further … played for about 6 hours yesterday and won a lot of money on PKR plus some nice money on Full Tilt. The good thing is, that I ran through stretches where I was card dead and I got my share of bad beats, but I managed to recover from every hit and push my bankroll up, anyway. I had one guy on my table who was tilting so hard, that I really felt sorry for him, but I “only” took $60 from him (he was losing 100s), because I had to leave the table, due to my rules + I had an appointment. The rest of the money was one in grinding, waiting for mistakes of others and punishing this mistakes!

Additionally I managed to freeplay the $50 “free Bonus” by PKR in one day, playing NL50 and NL100 (you´ll need 6000 FPPs to do so, which translates in about $60 rake) … this was added to the roll, too!

Day 23:

Bankroll: $1,158.28

Change: +306.45

I won´t play today, as I have some friends visiting … but I might put in one session tomorrow evening … so I hope the upswing is not only temporarily!

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The future of Poker?

Hi … I tried a new room this days and I am more than impressed – I therefore put PKR into the slot of Ladbrokes, as I do not play there too much anymore and I cannot advertise it anymore as its getting worse and worse.

But PKR is great – I never downloaded it, as I believed, that it would not run on my low end machine and that it won´t be nice to play. Now I gave it a try, because I wanted to play some cash game and I do not multitable Cash Games anyway! The software looks “WOW” and the players are, well, terrible … I guess this is the room people want to play at if they only play for fun, once or twice a week – which is good for players with more experience. I am going to tell about pkr mainly to friends who just start playing … this looks and feels way more than live poker as anything else + newbies normaly do not multitable anyway. So if you are new to online poker, want to have a nice poker experience and try to avoid the shark pools at stars or fulltilt you have to give pkr a try …

I had two nice sessions there – I added $50 to my bankroll to sign up … and turned it into $110 in one hour … then I decided to forget my strict bankroll rules for once and played some 0.5 – 1 with a roll of 100 … had it at almost 200 when I blew half of it (set over set) … but I recovered a little bit and now got a healthy $150 roll at pkr. Will use the room as my “cash game” ressource for the moment!

Day 22:

Bankroll: 851.83

Change: +54.21 ($50 added – remember I´ll add up to $50 per month)

Will have a longish session this evening as my gf is not around … so hopefully I´ll get some more money on my account!


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Come on England (part II)

Ok … did not play too much poker today – but the overall the session was ok. Am just about to leave my flat to visit a friend to watch England play Russia – another victory would be very important, as they are still with their backs to the wall …

Day 21:

Bankroll: 797.62

Change: +50.4

was ahead a lot more, but I was on a unbelievable run at that time – but I´ll take a $50 day anytime!


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Nice day

I had another nice day today … I did not play too much, as I did not really feel like playing, but when I played a short session I just hit the cards I needed …

I might play some more tonight, but for now I´ll return to “Crusader Kings” – an old Paradox game a friend returned to me on the weekend …

I received my last rake back payments for August yesterday (another $35)

Day 20:

Bankroll: $747.22

Change:  $170.1

very nice result – but I was definitely on the “nice” side of variance today

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Moving up …

Am busy doing administrative stuff for my new job, but managed to play some games anyway … and I had a nice run … I am back at almost $600 and I am expecting to get some rake back at the end of the week. Will try to get a lot of games running during this week – as I guess I´ll be too busy to play a lot the days after.

Day 19:

Bankroll: $577.12

Change: + 91.35

I´ll play at ladbrokes tonight, for my Cruise League Team – we are almost out of the competition, but I´ll keep hanging in there!


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Come on, England

I am enjoying some days at my girlfriends parents place but today there will be more serious business again – but I am not talking Poker. England is playing Israel tonight and it is one of this all or nothing games … due to their poor performance in the qualification rounds to Euro 2008 in Switzerland/ Austria, England has to win today to stay in the race. I´ll be watching the game with a lot of friends in Innsbruck, where we all used to study … this means flash back to university time – lots of booze and partying!!!

As I got the jobsearch off my back and my last week of “time freedom” ahead – so I´ll play some serious poker later on – but now it´s party time … so good luck to England and all the teams my fellow readers support – Euro 2008 would not be the same without them!

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