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Me and my internet connection are going down

Sorry for lack of updates, but I did not play too much the last days, as I was busy at work and visited some parties, too.

At the moment I am going down a lot again (dropped over $700) – the $60 SitnGos really hurt if you bubble them and I guess I´ll return to the $36 ones. What is really annoying is that I lose my internet connection for some seconds over and over again, which puts me on Tilt and makes it difficult to concentrate on my game. I played a $55 mtt on Star yesterday where I was top 10 for most time, before going out to a terrible call close to the bubble.

So – not running too good at the moment, butI am still confident as I do well in most game, Variance is just not on my side at the moment.

Day 65:

Bankroll: 1487,4

Change: -752.5

Ouch- that looks bad … but this are only about 20 sitngos played


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Another positive day

… but I am still disappointed! Just went out 81st in Stars 50k guaranteed, but I was on top of the field for a long time, before my good calls, which brought me there, turned against me, when the villains started to hit their draws.

Well it`s still a positiv day and my MTT run is incredibly good, but I guess I should have made more out of it today …

Well – I´ll guess I take a day off tomorrow, so no updates then …

Day 60:

Bankroll: 2239.9

Change: +77.18

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Passed the 2k mark!

Just finished a ultra-short session in which I played 3 $60 Sitngos on Full Tilt – I managed to win one and get third in another one, which allowed me to pass the 2k mark for the first time. Looks like my good MTT results gave me the confidence needed in the late stage of SitnGos, when you have to prove your iron nerves and put your “life” on risk a lot of times.

Well –  59 days since the start of this blog and I passed the 2k mark – I came a long way and feel very good at the moment. I have to remember that feeling when the down swing comes …

I´ll stop playing for today – I do not want to risk my nice numbers today and I have to give all my concentration to the Formula 1 Final now!

Day 59:

Bankroll: 2162.72

Change: +166.5

I wish you all a very “prosperous” Sunday – take down the biggies!

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Still running good …

Just a quick update before I hit the bed … Just went out 40th in a 2200 player MTT on Stars …

JJ lost to a rivered straight (villain had 55) – but I was lucky before, so no bitterness here. Was pretty tired at the end, but I could not avoid to go out here. Almost hit the 2k mark … so live is good!

Day 58:

Bankroll: 1,996.22

Change: +188.18

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Wow – just had very nice result on Stars.

After a rather miserable week (did not play too much and when I played I sucked) I was at about $940 and did not even think about playing tonight. But when we decided to not go out I thought “I might as well play the “Daily 15 Grand”. I signed in and played a tourney on Tilt parallel … Just before the first break I  was eleminated from the 15 Grand, in which I played well and was in a nice position, before running my hands into monsters. Because I was still in the Tilt Tournament I decided to sign up for the $5.5 Turbo Tournament on Stars with about 2000 starters … I won one of them in January, so I like them although they are terrible crapshots.

Well – a crapshoot it was, but I did really well… I managed to sneak into the final table and then had a strong comeback. I made it into the top 3 where we battled for some time, as the blinds are not raising anymore after 2 hours. I was looking really good, but then lady luck left me in the wrong moment and my steal attempts crippled me seriously. I went out in a three way all in, where I had the worst hand … (I pushed A8 and got both to call me)

But winning over $800 for $5.5 is nice and I won´t complain.

Day 57:


Change: $735.83

wooho … good luck to all my readers too …

I believe I played a sitngo with doublemeup, whos blog I can recommend (he is featured on the right hand side) … I was multitabling, this is why I did not chat!


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