Wow – just had very nice result on Stars.

After a rather miserable week (did not play too much and when I played I sucked) I was at about $940 and did not even think about playing tonight. But when we decided to not go out I thought “I might as well play the “Daily 15 Grand”. I signed in and played a tourney on Tilt parallel … Just before the first break I  was eleminated from the 15 Grand, in which I played well and was in a nice position, before running my hands into monsters. Because I was still in the Tilt Tournament I decided to sign up for the $5.5 Turbo Tournament on Stars with about 2000 starters … I won one of them in January, so I like them although they are terrible crapshots.

Well – a crapshoot it was, but I did really well… I managed to sneak into the final table and then had a strong comeback. I made it into the top 3 where we battled for some time, as the blinds are not raising anymore after 2 hours. I was looking really good, but then lady luck left me in the wrong moment and my steal attempts crippled me seriously. I went out in a three way all in, where I had the worst hand … (I pushed A8 and got both to call me)

But winning over $800 for $5.5 is nice and I won´t complain.

Day 57:


Change: $735.83

wooho … good luck to all my readers too …

I believe I played a sitngo with doublemeup, whos blog I can recommend (he is featured on the right hand side) … I was multitabling, this is why I did not chat!


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2 responses to “3rd

  1. doublemeup

    Hey, nice score!! Coming 3rd out of 2000 is fantastic.

    You have much more patience than me for these big tournaments, well done !

    Your bankroll is coming along nicely I see, too.

    Mine is moving in the right direction too. My aim is to keep grinding /moving up to where the amount won starts getting significant 😉

    GL at the tables 🙂

  2. Great post, great blog. I found your blog from Doublemeup’s last blog post. I have a smaller bankroll than you at $502 but I have a similar goal. You blog will be a regular read for me. Keep at it!

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