Me and my internet connection are going down

Sorry for lack of updates, but I did not play too much the last days, as I was busy at work and visited some parties, too.

At the moment I am going down a lot again (dropped over $700) – the $60 SitnGos really hurt if you bubble them and I guess I´ll return to the $36 ones. What is really annoying is that I lose my internet connection for some seconds over and over again, which puts me on Tilt and makes it difficult to concentrate on my game. I played a $55 mtt on Star yesterday where I was top 10 for most time, before going out to a terrible call close to the bubble.

So – not running too good at the moment, butI am still confident as I do well in most game, Variance is just not on my side at the moment.

Day 65:

Bankroll: 1487,4

Change: -752.5

Ouch- that looks bad … but this are only about 20 sitngos played


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2 responses to “Me and my internet connection are going down

  1. doublemeup

    Keep the faith! Sounds like you’re a good MTT player, and you can’t expect to final them every time, but when you do, your roll takes a huge leap.

    Get your chips in good, the money will take care of itself 🙂


  2. Just don’t let it put you on tilt . Still not to much to worry bout , we all have our swings .

    Btw , I have a knew site for the blog now and have your link there . If you could update mine here , I’d appreciate it .

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