Time for a break/ Sorry for lack of updates

I did not update my blog for quite a time as I was very busy at work and in the last week I was sick and sleeping most of the time. Moreover nothing really exciting happened – I am on some sort of a rollercoaster ride (in poker and workwise), which is mentally exhausting, but nothing to really blog about, as I would have to start from the scratch and simply have not got enough time and enthusiasm at the moment.

Pokerwise I had a lot of up and mainly downswings: I got terrible outdrawn at some points and started to tilt very easy again. I had not had this problem for some time, so this is really disturbing me. I am at around 1,2k but I am so fed up with poker at the moment, that I have to do a lot of paperwork to actually update my statisitics and I can´t be bothered.

So, here is what I am going to do … I will withdraw my funds by Dezember 1st and have a break until Christmas holidays. Then I will reload my important rooms again (PKR, Full Tilt and Poker Stars) and start from scratch. I plan to do this with around $750 ($300 at Stars and Full Tilt, and 150 at PKR) and use the remaining $500 for Christmas expenses or as a back up.

As long as I was looking for a job I had the enthusiasm for the grind, but when you make decent money working and are all stressed there already it´s hard to keep your motivation and performance at a top-level.

I love poker and this is the reason for making this step – I guess I have to make a step back and concentrate on some other things (I am still pretty fresh at my job) and give my private life some more room, before I come back hungry and sharp again.

So good luck with your play – I´ll still visit the poker forums and all the great blogs out there, but at the time being I am just due to some break.

I might do some updates as well – and I´ll definitley leave some friendly words on the blogs I visit …


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6 responses to “Time for a break/ Sorry for lack of updates

  1. Sometimes a break does a world of good . As you hinted at , sometimes there are things that are more important than playing poker . 😉

  2. elcattivo

    I guess you are right – I still play this weekend and next week, as I am shortly to freeplaying some bonus I still want to reach and I cannot go out this weekend anyway as I still recover from being ill. But this are only going to be few games and then I´ll enjoy the pre-Christmas time and concentrate on some other endeavours.
    Good luck and chat to you soon!

  3. I think you are making the right decision. I too just withdrew my money from PKR (ok not anywhere near your figure) but I’m finding it a drain currently (suddenly bad beats are more common that good play) which whilst isn’t an excuse can get you down so I’m breaking from PKR at the moment and giving Ladbrokes a try.

    Like you say, with Christmas around the corner, why not use some of your bankroll (eeekk, did I really say that!)

    Good luck with your poker play when you do get back into it!

  4. It seems there are loads of blog writers taking a break. Is this normal for this time of year?

    Looks like there will be less and less for me to read and try and learn from (i’m still pretty bad….but getting better:)

  5. Are you sure you wanna withdraw your cash now considering the current conversion rate between USD and EUR? 😉

  6. luckystraights

    I’ve just gone through some relatively huge swings myself and was finding it very hard to deal with and started to tilt very easily too, which as well all know just made my situation worse.

    I gave myself a day off and came back slowly and I’m now back to where I was before the downswings, but I’m still not feeling as motivated for the play as I have been in a long while.

    I’m sure the break will do you the world of good and you’ll be crushing the tables in no time again.

    Wishing you happy days in poker, life and work xxx

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