Time to get back on track

After a long time without updates I decided to get back to by my blog again.

After my break from Poker I played some games already, but without too much determination and without really caring about my Bankroll or my rules. I want to change that again and will start to play more serious games again.

I have decided to concentrate on two rooms, but will have some others in the mix, for interesting games or if I get bored with the same layout day in day out.

My number one room at the moment is pkr. What can I tell you about that room – I am about 45% in the money in the tournaments there, and the cash game is really soft. My main losses come from losing patience or bluffing people who are too dumbed to be bluffed. A+ for softness and thats all I need. One day the limits will get to low, but that´s not todays business.

Number 2 will be Stars. I am planning something special there – I am going to play 100 $11+1 180 players SitnGos there and will update on this blog regullary. I need to win twice to get the starting money in, but this could be fun.

My other rooms will be Full Tilt – great room, but I just can´t win there at the moment.  Poker Heaven – Rakeback is a nice thing, and its soft, too.  IntertopsPoker – I do play the headhunter league event from time to time.

I might reload on Everest one day – but not yet.

My Bankroll is in the 700s at the moment, but I will put it to exactly $1000 in the next days and then I´ll update you again on my current roll.

Enjoy 2008 and get rich playing poker – thats my wish to all of you!


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4 responses to “Time to get back on track

  1. luckystraights

    Nice to have you back with us. Struggling to get my own game back on track at the moment and I’m being a bit impatient as I have to keep up to date with my bonus too.

    Been forced to take a couple of back to breaks after some illnesses Only managed 3 games in the past week for points sake, but don’t feel like myself yet, and my results have reflected it.

    Best of luck in the new year xxx

  2. Good to see you back . Good luck at the felt in 2008 !

  3. In-D

    Good to have my lunch literature back. Good luck in 2008. BTW, whats your nick on pkr?


  4. doublemeup

    Welcome back !

    A break is never a bad thing. My bankroll has been up and down recently – I think I was getting too results oriented though, and am working hard to move back up 😉

    GL 🙂

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