Royal Start – but no results

Yesterday I played the 50k guaranteed once again and I managed to hit a royal flush within the first 10 hands + doubled up with that hand!

Unfortunately I did not use my early big stack very well and I just never managed to take off  – in the end i went out after about 2 hours without getting close to the money positions.

I feel like early leads corrupt my play – I really have to use my chiplead way better than I do it in that stage. I am generally better in the later stage of the tournaments – I am more concentrated then and just do not donk off my chips that easily.

I guess I found another thing to work on …

SitnGos are going okay at the moment – but the $12 180s just do not work momentarily … I´ll go for 250 and let you know the results afterwards.


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3 responses to “Royal Start – but no results

  1. What do you mean by 18os, 18 player sit ‘n go’s?

  2. Hi ElCattivo;)

    Just read some of the posts on your blog, good writing.

    I have a similar project going on at where one of my main interests is bankroll management. The main problem I have is traffic generation and feedback on my posts. I have tried Blogcatalog, bloggerforum and others. This gives some traffic, but I miss an interaction between other bloggers.
    I have setup a forum on (poker bankroll building) for people with an interest in bankroll challenges, poker and other fun stuff. If you think a mix of bankroll building and fun is a waste of time – then you have come to the wrong place. This forum is not only bankroll management – it’s a place to have fun – where everybody is welcome. But nobody is forced to take a look!

    So what is in it for you?

    • SEO – Linkback / Dofollow forum.
    • Self Promotion of your blog
    • Equal minded community
    • Feedback on your on poker and your blog in general.

    I can see that you have poker affiliation deals on your blog. You are welcome to post these in the forum if you are interested. You can always just start by posting a back to your blog. This should at least give you some traffic.

    Enjoy your summer

  3. I used to love the 180 man games but for some reason I can’t motivate myself to play them anymore.

    When you mention the $12 games do you mean the standard of turbos?

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