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Wow – just had very nice result on Stars.

After a rather miserable week (did not play too much and when I played I sucked) I was at about $940 and did not even think about playing tonight. But when we decided to not go out I thought “I might as well play the “Daily 15 Grand”. I signed in and played a tourney on Tilt parallel … Just before the first break I  was eleminated from the 15 Grand, in which I played well and was in a nice position, before running my hands into monsters. Because I was still in the Tilt Tournament I decided to sign up for the $5.5 Turbo Tournament on Stars with about 2000 starters … I won one of them in January, so I like them although they are terrible crapshots.

Well – a crapshoot it was, but I did really well… I managed to sneak into the final table and then had a strong comeback. I made it into the top 3 where we battled for some time, as the blinds are not raising anymore after 2 hours. I was looking really good, but then lady luck left me in the wrong moment and my steal attempts crippled me seriously. I went out in a three way all in, where I had the worst hand … (I pushed A8 and got both to call me)

But winning over $800 for $5.5 is nice and I won´t complain.

Day 57:


Change: $735.83

wooho … good luck to all my readers too …

I believe I played a sitngo with doublemeup, whos blog I can recommend (he is featured on the right hand side) … I was multitabling, this is why I did not chat!


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Nightly session – update on BR

Finally had time to play some poker … last night, after coming home from watching football with some friends I decided to play the 35k guaranteed rebuy tourney on Stars + several Sitngos on Full Tilt.

The tourney ran really well and I was never afraid of not making the money … I played for almost 5 hours before going out being on place 60, when I got caught stealing … the only guy on the table who could really harm me. Neithertheless I was very satisfied, as I feel like I am playing quite good at the moment and some bigger cash might be just around the corner.

I lost some money in my short sessions during the week – which put me under $800 again, but I managed to return to over 1k in last nights session.

Day 52:

Bankroll: 1072.21

Change: +10.07 (after a $250 down and up rollercoaster ride)

Waiting for my rake back money from September – should give me another $85

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very busy week

Just a short message – I was on a business trip and overall I have a very busy week, which should explain the lack of updates – I dropped some money in some sitngos, which put me down to about $800 again …

I´ll enter my results on the weekend and then will be able to update my stats exactly again …

So more news in the next days!

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over the grand mark again

August started well and I had a winning session yesterday and today and in “real life” life is good as well: Work is really busy, but slowly I am fitting in and can do more things on my own, which is about time as I´ll take over controll after next week!

At the moment I enjoy grinding the cash tables – I was so fed up with playing sitngos all the time, that I had to return to the cash game. Today I played three sitngos, too – and I made it into the money twice. I am really looking forward to playing some MTT again, but I just cannot invest the many hours you´ll need if you go deep (and thats what we are playing for).

I do tag surf for poker at wordpress, and at the moment a lot of new “poker” tagged blogs emerge – unfortunately many of them are just for advertisment purpose – don´t get me wrong … I do promote the rooms I play at, too – but just throwing out ads is not the way blogging should be in my oppinion.

Thankfully there are other blogs, too – I enjoy reading Doublemeups Blog as well as some others … just follow the links on the right hand side to read about others adventures in the world of online poker!

Day 40:

Bankroll:    1062.14

Change:  +102.89

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Swinging …

I hate cash games … had a terrible session last week (wrote about that) only to win it all back in the last days and then I blow 200 again tonight. I was not really playing bad, neither good – I should have stopped earlier, but I was hoping that the cards may come … only to lose with KK (overplaying top-pair, when I finally had a nice hand)

Played a nice home game on friday – I broke even but my gf was the big winner of the night. We  had a lot of fun, talking about old times, football, poker and life in general! Then I visited a birthday party yesterday – so I was really busy meeting friends this weekend.

Day 38

Bankroll:  959.25

Change to last entry: +49.85

I am expecting about $120 rake back this month … plus I´ll get a $90 Bonus in the last days, which I freeplayed, so my bankroll should hit the 1k mark again, even if I do not play until the end of next week!

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Terrible session

I had a nice evening yesterday and a really terrible session tonite – dropped $380 at the cash tables today and in the first 4 all in situations I was always ahead, and lost on the turn or river … it was incredible … AA lost to Q8, QQ to KQ etc.

In my last two games I was not even tilting, but a Bluff with second pair, second to top kicker was called by second pair/top kicker … and then I tilted another buy in.

I was feeling quite ok, as I resisted from playing stupid and tilt away my money (I only did this on my last table, where I was down after another bad beat) …

Some nights are just not for winning – but its pretty harsh to drop to $900, when you should raise to $1600 or something!

Day 35:

Bankroll: $909.4

Change: -334.6

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Busy days … and FH over FH

Work is very busy at the moment but I managed to put in two table hours this evening …  I was running really good at Full Tilt playing the Cash game, until I flopped my set of 88 on a 10 8 6 flop – turn brought another 6 and I checkraised the Villain, who was playing very aggressively All In … unfortunately he held 10 10 … I played some SitnGos, too, where I broke even … (one win in four games). So – a losing day today, but nothing to be really angry about. You can´t let this hand go – and the sitngos were okay (I lost in one due to a terrible misread, but I was not too angry about that)

Day 33:

Bankroll: $1244

Change: -$37

I have not played live for some time, but on friday I´ll meet some friends for a friendly home game … I hope they have deep pockets, as my confidence is alright at the moment and they lack the experience I have … so ship me their €5 entry fee 😉

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