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Back again

Time to move on … this blog ceased to exist a long time ago, but i am still playing poker. Furthermore I am still very involved in Forum Activity and have generally not lost touch to the poker community. This is where i want to pick up and present this whole blog with a new direction.

Technically I´ll move to and will restart – this gives me more freedom – my marketing links got inactivated by wordpress and, although I´ll never earn a lot of money with this blog it still gives me the opportunity to promote rooms I like and if I manage to get some good deals (i still got some gaming business contacts) I might be able to offer them to my readers.

In the past months i started to read blogs on a very frequent basis again and this made me turn back to this little project.

Content will change: I will stop posting bad beats, brags or bankrolling stuff – as it is what you read on 80% of all poker blogs and its getting very boring unless the blogger is on a fast way up, very funny or has other important insights. I´ll switch to other topics – the poker “world” – what happens on other blogs, what are the topics in the big forums, etc. I guess you get the point.

If anyone is still checking in or stumbles upon this new post – give me a heads up. I´ll check my links in the next days and will delete other deserted blogs in my bloglist, but am very keen to add new ones to my bloglist.

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Starting days …

Just checked the stats of this blog and I found it pretty interesting, that I only got very little hits over the weekend, but a lot before and after it …

This blog just started, so all this figures do not really mean anything yet, but I´ll have a look at this in the next weeks.

Just discovered that one blog I enjoyed to read, Simon Youngs Suffolk Punch Poker (one of the many great blogs on I am linking to on the right handed side) will stop updating due to a new job – good luck Simon, I really enjoyed reading about the Hairy Gymnast …

 Did not play too much poker yesterday – and lost some money – but I did not feel to well and had to play due to my cruise league team

Day 6:

Bankroll: 757.89

Change: -62.89


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