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Fast post for my Arse!

Just returned from work, but I´ll have to leave soon again – wanted to play some poker today, but forgot that Arsenal is playing Seville tonight! So instead of poker its football …

I hope the Gunners have a good start into this years Champions League group stage …

Day  27:

Bankroll:  1091.56

Change: +3.5

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Come on England (part II)

Ok … did not play too much poker today – but the overall the session was ok. Am just about to leave my flat to visit a friend to watch England play Russia – another victory would be very important, as they are still with their backs to the wall …

Day 21:

Bankroll: 797.62

Change: +50.4

was ahead a lot more, but I was on a unbelievable run at that time – but I´ll take a $50 day anytime!


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Come on, England

I am enjoying some days at my girlfriends parents place but today there will be more serious business again – but I am not talking Poker. England is playing Israel tonight and it is one of this all or nothing games … due to their poor performance in the qualification rounds to Euro 2008 in Switzerland/ Austria, England has to win today to stay in the race. I´ll be watching the game with a lot of friends in Innsbruck, where we all used to study … this means flash back to university time – lots of booze and partying!!!

As I got the jobsearch off my back and my last week of “time freedom” ahead – so I´ll play some serious poker later on – but now it´s party time … so good luck to England and all the teams my fellow readers support – Euro 2008 would not be the same without them!

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