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Swinging …

I hate cash games … had a terrible session last week (wrote about that) only to win it all back in the last days and then I blow 200 again tonight. I was not really playing bad, neither good – I should have stopped earlier, but I was hoping that the cards may come … only to lose with KK (overplaying top-pair, when I finally had a nice hand)

Played a nice home game on friday – I broke even but my gf was the big winner of the night. We  had a lot of fun, talking about old times, football, poker and life in general! Then I visited a birthday party yesterday – so I was really busy meeting friends this weekend.

Day 38

Bankroll:  959.25

Change to last entry: +49.85

I am expecting about $120 rake back this month … plus I´ll get a $90 Bonus in the last days, which I freeplayed, so my bankroll should hit the 1k mark again, even if I do not play until the end of next week!

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Busy days … and FH over FH

Work is very busy at the moment but I managed to put in two table hours this evening …  I was running really good at Full Tilt playing the Cash game, until I flopped my set of 88 on a 10 8 6 flop – turn brought another 6 and I checkraised the Villain, who was playing very aggressively All In … unfortunately he held 10 10 … I played some SitnGos, too, where I broke even … (one win in four games). So – a losing day today, but nothing to be really angry about. You can´t let this hand go – and the sitngos were okay (I lost in one due to a terrible misread, but I was not too angry about that)

Day 33:

Bankroll: $1244

Change: -$37

I have not played live for some time, but on friday I´ll meet some friends for a friendly home game … I hope they have deep pockets, as my confidence is alright at the moment and they lack the experience I have … so ship me their €5 entry fee 😉

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Nice weekend

Other than poker the weekend was really nice … we had some friends at our place on Saturday evening (including famous commenter IlBrutto) and prepared some Indian cuisine … this remembered me, why moving back to my origins was the right decision. I should get an invitation to another interesting job, too, so I guess I´ll be settled quite soon. On Sunday we made some hike up on swiss mountains, to train for next weeks “big event” … Unfortunately it was very cloudy, as the peak we reached at the end would offer great views on four countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany, probably even Italy) – but it was nice anyway. Afterwards we managed to get our new dishwasher started – so, yay, no more dishwashing for me …

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Anger managment!

I am staying at a friends house at the moment and what I do really enjoy is the chance to watch someone playing good poker … we have both our strenghts and our weaknesses and its very interesting to watch another player in different situations. In one thing we are completely different

in treating the beats

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