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Time for a break/ Sorry for lack of updates

I did not update my blog for quite a time as I was very busy at work and in the last week I was sick and sleeping most of the time. Moreover nothing really exciting happened – I am on some sort of a rollercoaster ride (in poker and workwise), which is mentally exhausting, but nothing to really blog about, as I would have to start from the scratch and simply have not got enough time and enthusiasm at the moment.

Pokerwise I had a lot of up and mainly downswings: I got terrible outdrawn at some points and started to tilt very easy again. I had not had this problem for some time, so this is really disturbing me. I am at around 1,2k but I am so fed up with poker at the moment, that I have to do a lot of paperwork to actually update my statisitics and I can´t be bothered.

So, here is what I am going to do … I will withdraw my funds by Dezember 1st and have a break until Christmas holidays. Then I will reload my important rooms again (PKR, Full Tilt and Poker Stars) and start from scratch. I plan to do this with around $750 ($300 at Stars and Full Tilt, and 150 at PKR) and use the remaining $500 for Christmas expenses or as a back up.

As long as I was looking for a job I had the enthusiasm for the grind, but when you make decent money working and are all stressed there already it´s hard to keep your motivation and performance at a top-level.

I love poker and this is the reason for making this step – I guess I have to make a step back and concentrate on some other things (I am still pretty fresh at my job) and give my private life some more room, before I come back hungry and sharp again.

So good luck with your play – I´ll still visit the poker forums and all the great blogs out there, but at the time being I am just due to some break.

I might do some updates as well – and I´ll definitley leave some friendly words on the blogs I visit …


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Swinging …

I hate cash games … had a terrible session last week (wrote about that) only to win it all back in the last days and then I blow 200 again tonight. I was not really playing bad, neither good – I should have stopped earlier, but I was hoping that the cards may come … only to lose with KK (overplaying top-pair, when I finally had a nice hand)

Played a nice home game on friday – I broke even but my gf was the big winner of the night. We  had a lot of fun, talking about old times, football, poker and life in general! Then I visited a birthday party yesterday – so I was really busy meeting friends this weekend.

Day 38

Bankroll:  959.25

Change to last entry: +49.85

I am expecting about $120 rake back this month … plus I´ll get a $90 Bonus in the last days, which I freeplayed, so my bankroll should hit the 1k mark again, even if I do not play until the end of next week!

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Lazy Saturday

been at a party yesterday and had a terrible hangover today, as I stayed very long, because the party was excellent and I met a lot of friends there, which resulted in drinking too much!

As I cannot play to much poker during the week I played two sessions today and I won some money, too …  I´ll have to play the Cruise League Second Chance tomorrow – the Captains of the 24 teams who finished the league behind the winners play in a freeroll for a package for their whole team… a trip to the Caribean in January would be great, so gl to me!

Day 30:

Bankroll: 1159.61

Change:  +68.05

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First day at work …

and last day of the Cruise League …

Work was ok – did a lot of reading to get into my new work environment – the colleagues look ok and I guess it will be fun to work there …

Cruise League ended in the last hand before the break – played pretty bad today – lost some money on full tilt, too. I guess I´ll have to play the playoff in the coming weeks – hope that runs better!

Day 25:

Bankroll: 1017.31

Change: -140.97

Hopefully I run better next times – was really terrible tonight …

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Come on, England

I am enjoying some days at my girlfriends parents place but today there will be more serious business again – but I am not talking Poker. England is playing Israel tonight and it is one of this all or nothing games … due to their poor performance in the qualification rounds to Euro 2008 in Switzerland/ Austria, England has to win today to stay in the race. I´ll be watching the game with a lot of friends in Innsbruck, where we all used to study … this means flash back to university time – lots of booze and partying!!!

As I got the jobsearch off my back and my last week of “time freedom” ahead – so I´ll play some serious poker later on – but now it´s party time … so good luck to England and all the teams my fellow readers support – Euro 2008 would not be the same without them!

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