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ugh – thank god I love train rides

Today I´ll head back home – so I´ve got a 4 hours train ride ahead of me … a lot of time to kill. I guess i´ll try to do some work for a project in which I might get involved: It´ll be about Poker and I am very excited about it, but I just can´t talk about it, yet.

As about Poker – I did not play yesterday and probably won´t today – so no updates …

Got a job interview lined up tomorrow … keep your fingers crossed, it´s up for grabs now!

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Anger managment!

I am staying at a friends house at the moment and what I do really enjoy is the chance to watch someone playing good poker … we have both our strenghts and our weaknesses and its very interesting to watch another player in different situations. In one thing we are completely different

in treating the beats

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Back to housemoving

Well – I really thought house moving was done for some time, but the friend at whos place I live while being in Salzburg is moving places and as I am an experienced packer and electrician (at least more experienced as him) – I am back in house moving business again.

In the evening will play some donkaments though (especially the Cruise League Week 16 one) – so Poker is still on the agenda at the moment … I´ll guess I`ll take a break when I am back in Vorarlberg! This colides with the start of September anyway – so I´ll let the rake back rooms send me some money, before I start the grind again.

 The only thing that really bothers me is, that I do not find the time to send out my applications at the moment – but I´ll work on that tomorrow or probably tonight …

 Keep your fingers crossed – need a success jobwise (pokerwise would be okay, too)

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A day out

After starting my blog yesterday I just played one SitnGo (bubbled it) and then had a nice hike with a friend of mine – Now I´ve got blisters on both feet, but it was definitley worth it. In the evening my sister and her boyfriend visited us, so we had a nice night out …

I guess Poker won´t be the main issue over the weekend – but in the next weeks I´ll try to get some games running, thus providing you with all the poker updates you are waiting for (?)

BR: 617,59
change: -22

P.S.: Party sent $30 for free to me – I´ll add that to my bankroll in the next days … Never liked their software, but $30 are a nice offering! Read this to see how party cheats you:

Read here

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Oh no – not another poker blog!

Time to start from the scratch … I´ve been playing poker for about 18 months now and I had a great start into the game – but at the moment I feel like being stuck and therefore I decided to start from scratch – using this new blog as a way to track my ups and downs.

I guess it would be nice to introduce myself before I talk business:

I am 30 years old, live with my beautiful girlfriend in a small town in western Austria, am currently unemployed (left my job as a marketing/content manager at a major sportsbook recently). My hobbys are skiing, ski-touring, cycling + reading, internet, watching movies and listening to good music. And poker – but I am going to write about this in my next entry …

I hope you have fun reading my brand new blog – I had the idea for a blog including everyday stories + poker for a long time and this morning I decided to finally give it a go!


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