Swinging …

I hate cash games … had a terrible session last week (wrote about that) only to win it all back in the last days and then I blow 200 again tonight. I was not really playing bad, neither good – I should have stopped earlier, but I was hoping that the cards may come … only to lose with KK (overplaying top-pair, when I finally had a nice hand)

Played a nice home game on friday – I broke even but my gf was the big winner of the night. We  had a lot of fun, talking about old times, football, poker and life in general! Then I visited a birthday party yesterday – so I was really busy meeting friends this weekend.

Day 38

Bankroll:  959.25

Change to last entry: +49.85

I am expecting about $120 rake back this month … plus I´ll get a $90 Bonus in the last days, which I freeplayed, so my bankroll should hit the 1k mark again, even if I do not play until the end of next week!

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